What we do

    Board Architect provide a service for fast hardware development. Through a web-based service, anyone can design and integrate electronic circuits and systems. You define the functionality of a system, and the tool generates a circuit design with all functions and relevant software integrated, as well as necessary CAD drawings and production documentation. Complex designs are developed with speed and ease, and circuit boards can be ordered directly online. Modifications and updates are ready in a blink. All at a speed and cost the industry has never seen before. Adjustments and optimizations are made easy based on the integrated components database, including component and manufacturing costs, power consuption, second sources etc.

    Board design

    With our automated board design tool together with the library of tested and verified building blocks gets you a board design in minutes. The online design rules make sure you dont miss something out. The BOM and manufacturing costs make it possible to decide on the best priced blocks for what you need.


    When the hardware design is done you get prototypes quick and simple. But we dont leave after that. Keeping your design in the tool chain we make sure your product is maintained through out it's life. The component database is always up-to-date and include second sources in times of allocation. You can safely and efficient grow with us from design and protos to large series.

    Embedded software

    With every building block comes supporting software. To get your software development up to speed we build a board support package with functions to setup and use all added circuits.

    Our Story

    We have been in the electronics industry whole our careers. Developing boards and embedded software, radio and power electronics, both at board as well as semiconductor level. Developed CAD tolls and started, developed and grown businesses and companies.

    Everyone want to reuse and simplify the workflow, you are stuck with trying to cut and paste from previous designs, and at the end just to find yourself having to redo most of it. After that you are taring your hair off when trying to both cost the board and keep the excel BOM updated with the schematics. Not to talk about trying to get all components together and protoype the boards...

    We are bringing an end to all this. Making electronic design truly digital through smart automated tools. Letting you focus on solving the real challenges for your design by lifting the burdon of standard design off your shoulders. And when its all designed and ready we produce the prototypes and series for you, all based on maintained library of building blocks and component database.

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